Michael Campbell, Ph.D.

Senior Staff

Dr. Michael Campbell is Director of Logos Technologies, LLC’s Energy Systems Division. Dr. Campbell brings with him 30 years experience in national laboratories and high technology/energy companies with a proven record of program building, obtaining government funding, providing leadership, recruiting top scientific professionals and increasing revenues and profit margins.

Dr. Campbell is responsible for the management, revenue creation, strategic vision and execution of all energy R&D.

Programs he oversees include: Generation IV Nuclear fission reactors with a focus on closing the fuel cycle, fusion strategy, advanced laser concepts and advanced biofuels directed towards the economic production of high energy density liquid hydrocarbon fuels produced from cellulosic feedstock. 

His areas of expertise include:

  • Scientific/Technical Expert in nuclear energy, lasers, plasma physics, electro-optics, biofuels energy strategy and policy
  • Visionary/ Strategic Planning
  • Business Development (government and commercial)
  • Communications
  • Government Relations (Legislative and Executive Branches (DOE, DOD)
  • Leadership
  • Recruiting

Dr. Campbell is the winner of numerous awards, which include DOE’s E.O. Lawrence Award, American Nuclear Society’s Edward Teller Award, American Physical Society’s Excellence in Plasma Physics Award, Fusion Power Associate’s Leadership Award, and DOE’s Excellence in Nuclear Weapons Research. 

He is the owner of 4 patents, including the concept behind the first demonstration of a laboratory x-ray laser and the fast ignition concept, and has authored over 100 publications in scientific journals and classified literature.

Dr. Campbell holds a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Western Sydney.